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Waterford Stone: Installation

Waterford Stone provides your new construction project with the distinctive look of natural stone. This modular veneer provides you ease of installation, minimal on-site alterations and simple ordering and handling. We encourage you to contact your local Northfield technical sales representative to discuss installation tips and techniques specific to your project.

Waterford Stone is a modular masonry veneer with a wide variety of stone sizes which allows you to customize the appearance of each installation. Product heights of 4 inches, 6 inches and 10 inches are each available in five different lengths in two inch increments as follows:
Stones of 4" and 6" height are shipped on the same pallet with a square foot ratio of 40% and 60% respectively. Stone face dimensions are nominal and include a variable joint width from 3/8" to 3/4". All stones are approximately 3.5" in depth.

Selecting a Pattern:

Waterford Stone is a truly modular system and is easily adapted to suite the taste of the most discerning owners. By varying the ratio of 10" height stones you can alter the pattern to best suit your individual style.

Face Sizes

Ratio of Stone Sizes
When ordering and installing Waterford Stone, you will use two cubes of materials for your wall coverage. One cube contains the 10" height stone in 5 different lengths. The second cube contains the 4" & 6" height stones, each in various lengths as given in the above stone size chart.

To achieve a 25% large stone pattern, you will need one pallet of 10 stone and three pallets of 4"/6" stone.
Percent Large Stones # of 10" Cubes # of 4"/6" Cubes
0% 0 1
10% 1 9
20% 1 4
25% 1 3
50% 1 1
75% 3 1
Tip: To help familiarize yourself with the pattern try laying out a 6 by 6 area on the ground before starting on the wall.

The variety of stone sizes combined with Waterford Stone's unique palleting system allow for a simplified and fast installation of customized random patterns. Waterford Stone is a full 4″ masonry veneer. Palletized quantities eliminate the need for sorting the stone on site. Waterford Stone is installed using the same principles as standard brick with fewer mortar joints and little on-site alterations.