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Trenwyth / Trendstone Ground Face Masonry Units

Trendstone Ground Face Masonry Units

Trendstone Ground Face Masonry Units
TrendstoneĀ® ground face masonry units are pre-finished integrally colored concrete block with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates. A factory-applied clear satin gloss acrylic accentuates the natural beauty of the aggregates and provides moisture resistance.

Trendstone advantages at a glance.

One-Step Installation: Trendstone masonry units provide finished load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls in a single trade, one-step operation. You save time and money.

Maintenance Free: Trendstoneunits are virtually maintenance free! There's no need to repaint or refinish.

Low Life-Cycle Costs: The Trendstone finish will last the lifetime of your building.

Easy-to-Clean: Trendstone's wall surface with a high degree of graffiti-resistant cleansability.

Mold and Moisture Resistant: Manufactured with an integral water repellent admixture, Trendstone units repel moisture and prevent mold and efflorescence.

Durability: Structural integrity and high durability make Trendstone the perfect choice for your institutional, commercial or industrial project.

Design Flexibility: Trendstone is available in wide variety of colors, shapes and scoring patterns, even custom units with rounded corners and edges for ADA compliance.

Over-sized Units: Create large-scale walls, columns and arches of monumental proportion with MONUMENTAL OVER-SIZED ground face masonry units in many Trendstone colors.

Fire Protection: Depending on the thickness and internal configuration of the block, Trendstone offers up to a 4-hour fire rating.

Sound Absorbing: Trendstone is also available in Acousta-Wal sound-absorbing units for an indoor/outdoor solution to sound absorption and control.