Architectural Masonry / Quik-Brik

The Quik-Brik Alternative to Clay Brick

The Quik-Brik Alternative to Clay Brick The rich look of brick with the structural performance of masonry.

Quik-Brik offers designers the durability of concrete masonry, the cost efficiency of single width construction and the rich appearance of brick. This unique concrete masonry unit is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Quik-Brik All-in-One:

The Rich Look of Brick Whether viewed from the street or up close there is no mistaking the Quik-Brik distinctive look of brick

The durability and efficiency of concrete masonry construction Concrete masonry is one of the most durable materials. The beauty and structural integrity last a lifetime

Increased Speed of Construction with fast, easy one step process installation is more efficient than the time consuming clay brick construction

A broad palette of color that resist fading.

Conforms to local and national building codes

Energy Efficiency Because of its hollow cores, insulation can be used to increase R-Value.

Mold and fire resistance Quik-Brik is manufactured with an integral water repellent to resist moisture

Quik-Brik quality and value Quik-Brik exceeds ASTM C90 for compressive strength and absorption.

Quik-Brik keeps wind-driven rain where it belongs, outside.

Quik-Brik's new improved design angles the top web surfaces toward the center of the unit. Wind driven rain and crack induced water leakage is now safely controlled in the middle of the unit. This simple and effective value-added feature helps keep interior walls dry and prevents mold growth.

Angled Web Surfaces ensure crack induced, wind-driven rain is safely controlled and directed down to flashing and weep hole exits.

Crisp Edges and corners allow the mason to tool and compact the joint for a tight seal.

Water Repellent Admixture inside Quik-Brik reduces absorption, permeability and wicking.

With Quik-Brik colors, you will find the right color and shade to accentuate your building. You also have the assurance that colors will stay true and are nonfading, even in harsh climate conditions. Contact us for samples.