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NRG Insulated Masonry Units

NRG Insulated Masonry Units

NRG® Insulated Concrete Masonry Units offer High Thermal Efficiency with up to R-22 equivalent performance, with Energy Cost Savings and is available in Split Face, Marble Face, Marble Face Polished, Weathered Face, and Smooth/Grey block.

NRG Insulated Concrete Masonry Units contain a insulated thermal barrier, which effectively creates high-insulated thermal mass, high heat capacity, and a long thermal lag time. These attributes combine to create walls that require just a fraction of the energy normally needed to keep the interior cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Less energy is consumed, and smaller capacity HVAC equipment can be used, resulting in significant, cost savings and long term building energy use reduction. Based on NRG’s research, the NRG 12″ block has an equivalent performance value of an R-22 wall.

Higher Thermal Mass is Cost Effective: The NRG insulated masonry unit increases your project’s thermal mass. This NRG masonry unit features an expanded polystyrene insulation, installed at the plant. This block design creates an energy barrier between the exterior wall veneer and the interior core. The installation creates a thermal mass design reducing air temperature fluctuations.

  • NRG on average may deliver significant HVAC energy savings.
  • NRG may contribute to your projects’ LEED points over several categories including Recycled materials.
  • NRG walls can pay for themselves through the energy savings they generate.
  • NRG’s superior design allows for a cost-effective way to build with single wythe construction with double wythe benefits.
  • NRG block saves labor and material costs with one-step installation.
  • NRG block can be vertically and horizontally reinforced without modifications.
  • NRG is available in a wide range of colors and architectural finishes.
  • NRG buildings add a level of energy efficiency and quiet (STC rating of 53) not found in other types of building products.

Equivalent performance R- value of R-22.
For a normal weight NRG block (125 lbs. /ft3), The R-Value is 20 and 22 respectively for 10″ and 12″ block. A NRG Block is higher in R-Value than a common block, which ranges in R-Values from 1.5 to 2.5 depending upon the aggregate used. Block installations using inserts or hollow core block with poured insulation R-Values range between 5 and 6 for an 8″ block.

Aesthetic Appearance: NRG block is available in a variety of colors and architectural finishes.

NRG is available in standard 10″ and 12″ widths by 16″ lengths and 8″ height. The NRG block can be seamlessly mixed for coursing with standard hollow core block.

Recycled Materials: The NRG block inserts contain 10% to 15% pre-consumer recycled content. In addition, the masonry unit may also contain recycled aggregate content.

Cost Effective – On a $/Sq.Ft./R-Value basis.

Improved Moisture Resistance – Insulation design allows for the downward flow of water behind the exterior face shell.

Pre-insulated at manufacturer – Owners can be assured that they are receiving what they paid for and architects can be assured that what they have specified is being installed.

Thermal Mass – This is the inherent property of materials to store and release heat over time. One half of a NRG wall system is on the interior, where it is most effective in modulating temperature fluctuations. This property is negated with interior insulation on a common block walls.

Thermal Lag – This is the time necessary for a masonry material to reach a constant rate of heat flow. NRG thermal lag is greater than a standard block thereby reducing thermal cycling resulting in a requirement for smaller heating/cooling systems.

Thermal Stability and no VOCs – NRG inserts do not settle, warp, loose their insulating value when they are wet or break down. They are non-toxic and contain no formaldehyde or CFC’s.

Reduced Dewpoint – NRG Blocks have been calculated to lower the temperature at which condensation may occur on inside walls by over 80° Fahrenheit.

NRG is perfect for the following building applications:

Commercial: Retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing plants, cold storage rooms, livestock facilities and industrial facilities.

Institutional: Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, day care centers, schools, museums, gymnasiums and military barracks.

Residential: Single-family homes (basements and full masonry), condominiums and townhouses (party walls).