Hand-Crafted Signature Series

Hand Crafted Signature Series

Hand-Crafted Signature Series, Old World Look, New World Performance

Hand-Crafted Signature Series
Hand-Crafted Signature Series is available with pre-consumer recycled content. Ask about the new Chicago Green Series. In addition to the pre-consumer recycled content, these masonry units also contain post-consumer recycled content as well. Colors may vary so please make sure to ask for full size samples.
Hand-Crafted units are reminiscent of the rock-faced Richardson – Romanesque style which was immensely popular in the 1880′s and 1890′s. The architectural distinction was ideal for public structures, from churches and libraries to banks. This timeless Old World look is still in demand in today's marketplace. The textured face allows sunlight and shadows to dance across the buildings facade creating an ever-changing, visually-appealing finish, enhancing the character of any structure.

Hand-Crafted units also feature the same cost savings and one step installation as Northfield's other pre-finished units. Available in five eye catching shades, the pigments are time tested and UV exterior grade.

One-step installation: Saves time and money with load-bearing walls.

At or Below Grade: Hand-Crafted units are manufactured with an integral water-repellent for at or below soil level construction.

Low-Life Cycle Costs: Lasts the life of your building with no maintenance.

Fire Protection: Depending on thickness and internal configuration, Hand-Crafted units offer up to a 4-hour fire rating.

Available in either Veneer or Structural size units: 4" , 8" and 12" stretcher and corner units. The 8" and 12" units have a full bed depth with stone projecting from the unit.

Veneer: The 4" Hand-Crafted masonry unit are designed to accommodate a cavity wall system.