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Franklin Stone

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Franklin Stone ASTM Test Report

ASTM C90-09 specifies the following tests for load-bearing concrete masonry units as it applies to Franklin Stone

Compressive Strength
and Moisture Absorbency

A test to ensure that concrete masonry units meet strength and moisture requirements, and are free of cracks and other defects.


Franklin Stone as compared to ASTM Specifications

ASTM C-140
Absorption (LBS./CU. FOOT)
13 Maximum 10.0
ASTM C-140
Compressive Strength (PSI)
1900 Minimum 4900 Average
ASTM C-140
Density (LBS./CU. FOOT)
125 + Normal Weight 122
ASTM C-426
0.065 0.050
ASTM C-1262
Freeze/Thaw Durability
10% Maximum < 1%

Franklin Stone Physical Properties

Unit Size Weight Per Unit Square Foot
Coverage Per Unit
4 x 4 x 24 24 0.67
4 x 8 x 24 48 1.34
4 x 12 x 24 77 2.00
4 x 16 x 24 103 2.67

Full list of all standard sizes can be seen in the Packaging Information

ASTM Reports is available with pre-consumer recycled content. Ask about the new Chicago Green Series. In addition to the pre-consumer recycled content, these masonry units also contain post-consumer recycled content as well. Colors may vary so please make sure to ask for full size samples.