Continuing Education

Continuing Education

We offer a number of AIA certified continuing education (CE) courses for industry professionals. Our online courses can be taken at any time. Additionally, we also host CE presentations throughout the year as webinars or your firm may schedule a Lunch & Learn with one of our sales reps. Contact your local sales rep today for more information on our continuing education program.

The Concrete Benefits of Designing with Glazed CMUs (HSW)

Program #: TREN-10
AIA/CES Learning Units: 1
AIA Approved Course. This course for 1.0 HSW/LU hours

Description: Glazed concrete masonry units (CMU) are a safe, clean alternative to structural glazed facing tile (SGFT) and ceramic tile. This HSW program addresses sustainable design as well as the LEED® points that may be achieved using glazed CMU. Architects will understand why concrete masonry units have a high impact on their safety objectives. In addition, this program enables architects to effectively understand why glazed CMU is "the healthy choice" in terms of how it impacts both building inhabitants and the environment.

Designing with Concrete Masonry Units for a Health, Safety and Aesthetics (HSW)

Program #: ACP01
AIA/CES Learning units:1
AIA approved course. This course for 1.0 HSW/LU hours

Concrete masonry is an effective solution for the ever-changing design environment. In this HSW program, we review the history of CMU, and the importance of ASTM C-90 test standards in sound construction practices. Detailing for crack control is discussed at length as well as addressing the differential movement of cement and clay masonry. Techniques to address water penetration concerns, mold issues and remediation are also covered. Fire performance and how hourly ratings are achieved as well as acoustic and insulation properties of cmu. A "show and tell" review the many types of CMU that are available to design with. This presentation meets the AIA requirements for a one-hour Health, Safety and Welfare credit.

Green Building Design with Concrete Masonry Units (SD/HSW)

Program #: TREN-12
AIA/CES Learning units: 1 SD HSW

This Sustainable Design and Health, Safety and Welfare presentation discusses Green Building Sustainable Design benefits including life-cycle costs. Changes in LEED 3.0 and how building with concrete masonry contributes to Green Building and Sustainable Design are also addressed. Attendees will learn how concrete masonry can contribute to specific LEED 2009 credits and the health, safety and indoor comfort of the occupants.

Design Tactics for Stone Masonry Products (HSW)

Program #: TREN-10
AIA/CES Learning units: 1
AIA approved course. This course for 1.0 HSW/LU hours

This one-hour HSW program will explore how to effectively design masonry walls using proper design techniques focusing on the prevention of moisture, cracking and cleaning issues. This building design focus is on planning and designing sound masonry walls using proper architectural structural components based on industry guidelines and specifications. Attendees will learn why walls crack and how to design to eliminate unnecessary repairing and cleaning of masonry walls. This presentation meets AIA requirements for a one-hour Health, Safety and Welfare credit.

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