Trenwyth / Acousta-Wal

Acousta-Wal Shapes

Acousta-Wal sound absorbing units are available in a several sizes.

Type IV Type IVRF
Acousta-Wal is available in Type IV units. Type IV units outperform the previously manufactured Type II and Type III units. Use Type IV Units for broad range sound absorption, such as school gymnasiums, lecture halls, and performing art centers. Available in 4″ or 6″ thicknesses, Type IV units have wide funnel-shaped slots, opening into a two chamber cavity separated by a metal septum laminated to a factory-inserted fiberglass filler. Fiberglass fillers are chemically inert, vermin resistant, incombustible and moisture-proof. Type IVRF units are available in 8″, 10″, and 12″ thicknesses. Type IVRF units offer the advantage of open cavities for vertical reinforcing conduits or pipes.
Type I
Use Type I Units for absorption of Low Frequency Sound such as Power Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants. Available in 4″ or 6″ thicknesses, Type I Units have narrow straight slots and empty cavities.